Sample Ad 1: Protein Shake

Premium Whey Protein for Advanced Muscle Performance

Pulling long hours in the gym and not seeing the growth you want? Rage 100 is guaranteed to give you sleeve-busting results. Whether you’re packing on wads of muscle or shaving off pounds for a classically lean physique, Rage 100 will be an indispensable part of your workout regimen.

Packed with strength and muscle enhancing whey isolate, our patented formula is made from the highest quality, fast-absorbing forms of protein. Proven to support muscle growth and recovery as well as reduce fat tissue, Rage 100 complements all your fitness goals.

By adding 7 grams of leucine and our potent blend of amino acids we’ve flipped the switch on muscle-building. Clinically shown to stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis, leucine puts the bang in your biceps. Researchers have known about essential aminos for decades. So whether you’re trying to build muscle or prevent muscle loss, Rage 100 will help you build a strong foundation.

Pull out all the stops on your way to the perfect body. There are no limits when you have the right fuel. All that’s left is to go in the gym and Rage.

Sample Ad 2: Earbuds

The Sound of Comfort

Introducing the Oni, the latest in comfortable audio technology.

Gone are the days when lying down and listening to your favorite tunes ends with a piece of plastic jammed in your ear. The Oni’s bullet-shaped earbuds sit flush against the ears for maximum ease. The titanium alloy construction adds to the comfort by giving the Oni a nice weighty feel that won’t slide out of your ears.

Adjust the sound from head-melting bass to a clean, crisp whisper with the Oni’s interchangeable tuning filters. You’ll never have to switch headphones again.

The Oni boasts many other comfort enhancing features such as tangle-resistant cable, over-ear hooks, and our patented noise-isolation technology.

Push the limits of sound quality and comfort with the Oni earbud system.

Sample Ad 3: Moisturizer

Department Store Moisturizer, Drugstore Price

When it comes to over-the-counter skincare products, most dry skin sufferers are stuck with an impossible choice: Should I buy what works best or what I can afford?

Serene moisturizer makes the choice so much simpler. Our anti-aging formula will keep your skin smooth and youthful at a fraction of the price.

Clinically proven to moisturize deeply, Serene’s shea-butter-infused lotion keeps dry skin healed for up to 2 weeks.

We believe healthy skin starts with deep-nourishing moisture.  In our intensive healing lotion we’ve combined skin softening shea butter with water attracting glycerin and hyaluronic acid. The result is a lotion that heals dry, cracked skin leaving it looking and feeling smooth and more youthful.